Sunday Teams

Sunday Service Teams

Our Sunday service teams are committed to serving the people of All Souls Community Church before, during, and after the worship services. Each team not only serves together, but also takes seriously the call to know and care for each other, as we learn to study the Word, pray, and put our faith into practice, together.

There are many different ways to serve depending on your gifts and desires to be involved. Check out the following list for a summary of different service teams to be a part of. If you would like to serve or have any questions, you can email the office for more information.

Taking Hospitality Seriously

Here at All Souls, we desire to be a place where everyone is welcome! And that is why we have different teams designed to help welcome everyone in the morning.

Our Greeters/Ushers are at the door to greet and welcome you on Sunday morning. They hand out programs, help people find a place to sit and to make people feel comfortable at All Souls.

Our Connect Team is there to help folks get to know what All Souls Community Church is all about and how to get plugged into our community.

Our AV Team runs the sound board, slides, and recording during a service. They also help make sure that our sermons are able to be posted online each week. These folks work very hard each week to make sure that our worship experience is full of beauty and not distraction.

Our Worship Team

The Music team at All Souls Community Church leads the congregation every Sunday in worshipping God and celebrating the gospel through song. We are blessed to have a team of professional and non-professional musicians who use their gifts to lead us in our worship. To find out more about our team, or how you might be able to add your gifts here, please check out our Worship Team page.

Children’s Ministry

The children at All Souls Community Church are extremely precious to us. Our team is committed to teaching to our kids the truths and God’s love for them in a safe, age-appropriate environment, that is meant not only to help our kids, but also our parents and families. To learn more about our Children’s Ministry and how you can get involved, please check out our Children’s Ministry page.

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