Will Reinmuth

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Will Reinmuth

Afraid to fail. Defender of self. In over my head. Exhausted. Failure.

Those would be the only words to describe me, and this ridiculous adventure called church planting, if not for the very real, very powerful grace of God in the Person of Jesus Christ.

Like many in Rockland, I grew up believing the idea of God, but I had no idea what a personal relationship with Jesus Christ was all about. It was not until God softened my heart through suffering, that I finally began to understand how the real Jesus changes everything! Because of Jesus, I now know who I am—beloved, son, forgiven and free! And wonder of wonders, I actually get paid to stand up and tell people about Him! I am a raw, unconventional, in-process, and imperfect follower of Jesus. I am the proud father of Eva, Liam and Noah, a fan of the Yankees & Giants, a Crossfit athlete, a connoisseur of good steak and fine wine, and the lucky one who gets to share it all with my beloved, Christin.