Tommy Belo

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Youth & Young Adult Director

I’m a first generation American born and raised in beautiful New Jersey and I had the blessing to be able to grow up in a Christian home. I sat in the sanctuary of my church every Sunday morning and attended youth group every Friday night. However, it wasn’t until July 2007, the summer between my sophomore and junior year of high school, that all of what I had been hearing and learning finally came to a head. It was on that summer retreat where the Holy Spirit finally smacked some sense into me and asked “I’ve been walking with you your whole life. Are you going to start walking with me?”

This began a journey for me where I would find purpose, clarity, meaning, and identity not in myself, but in the wonderful grace of Jesus Christ. Since that fateful summer, I’ve had an unyielding passion to know God and His Word, and while the process hasn’t been easy or pretty, it’s been everything He promised in His Word it would be.

I have always had a burning in my heart to make Jesus and his gospel known to young adults, teenagers, and preteens and I’ve been leading in ministry (particularly youth ministry) ever since I was 16 because of that. So when it came time to “decide” on a career choice, God made it evident (even though I thought otherwise at first) that ministry where He was calling me. In 2014, I received my bachelor’s in Youth and Family Studies to back this up and it’s been a crazy, amazing ride ever since. 

I have a deep love for rock climbing, running, books, sushi, friendship, and deep conversations. I am an unashamed life-long nerd and an amatuer apple connoisseur (or at least I wish I was). I am blessed to be married to my lovely wife Michelle and be a father to our 2 wild and joyful girls Sophia Rose and Eliana Joy.