Rachel Misselbeck

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Office Manager

Hello, I’m Rachel Misselbeck. I have extensive experience in communications, design and project-based management but most people know me for wearing my heart on my sleeve and marching to the beat of my own eclectic drum. My favorite company are those who don’t attempt to appear all put together in their flawed humanity. I’m unabashedly in their camp.

I married a great guy and together we fumble our way through raising four kids—yes, four kids is a lot of kids. We mostly hope for two things—that they would not live in a godless world and for them to know they’re loved and have a place of belonging--no matter what.

As much of a gift as family and friends are, they pale in comparison to knowing Christ. Gerard Manley Hopkins writes, “The world is charged with the grandeur of God.” In the dips and peaks he is present, intimately close and intricately involved. It is a wonder to both behold and experience. I will always be hook-line-and-sinker for the Gospel.

Why does any of that matter? Because I get why we’re here, and that translates even into the mundane tasks of spreadsheets. I’m more than glad to be a part of this team.