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Carl Whitlatch

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Ministry Director

I was born and raised in Canton, Ohio, graduated with a degree in Economics from Miami University (Ohio), and ventured out to the East Coast in 2003. My passion is people and relationships. I find people fascinating and love hearing their stories.  I am the husband of the most beautiful, intelligent and caring wife on the planet, Jenny, and father to the most amazing six kids: Caroline, Pierce, Danielle, Isaiah, Liviya, and Grant. Two of our children are adopted and are the same age as two of our others.  

I have spent 20 years either volunteering or working on staff with Young Life--investing in middle school, high school, and special needs teens. I have also coached high school sports almost every year for the last two decades. Although I greatly enjoy coaching, I recently retired in order to cheer on my own kids and be their unpaid uber driver to and from practices and games.  I am a “Family Reunion All Star” at almost every sport, meaning I enjoy playing about any sport, but only look good when I am against really young nieces or nephews or my 92 year old grandmother(except at golf where I am pretty sure she can still beat me). I am a fan of the lovable, loser Cleveland sports teams (Go Browns!), and try to find time to swim laps at the fitness center for exercise.  
I am currently working toward a Masters Degree in Biblical Studies at Reformed Theological Studies, and therefore any spare time is deep into a book on Christian History or Systematic Theology. I am deeply flawed but immensely loved and accepted by God, and my life’s mission is to let others know that they can be as well.   
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