Children's Ministry

All Souls Community Church partners with parents to sow the seeds of God's truth in the hearts of our children.




We know it's hard to be apart. But today, let's have fun!

Let's join Mrs. Tracy for church... in pajamas!


Our Nursery Supervisor, Jeannette Javier, is a CPR-certified, professional childcare provider and mother. She is present at all services to create a stable, predictable experience for our lambs.We want our babies to grow up knowing their place in the family of Christ and to trust His love for them.

A small Quiet Room is located in the chapel under the sanctuary for women who need to nurse or babies who are not ready for the nursery.

Helpful Information:
In order to provide an allergy-friendly nursery, only plain Cheerios and water will be provided to toddlers (if indicated as acceptable to parents at sign-in).

Diapers will be changed by our Nursery Supervisor or parent ONLY (as indicated at sign-in).


Young children learn by doing, not by sitting. Play is their work. We create opportunities to connect children with the redemptive love of God through a mix of story and activity.

Helpful Information:
Our Preschool Supervisor, Ashley Javier, is present at all services to keep the procedures and routines stable for Teachers and the children.

Parents sign their child into class at the mid-service coffee break. Children can be picked up from the Fellowship Hall after the Service.


These children rotate between two distinct learning environments.

In the Green Storytime room, they hear their Bible lesson told in a variety of interactive styles. They may be included in a small play or puppet show. The story might be told using visuals on flannelgraph or story posters. It might even be shown on DVD or through a digital slideshow. After the story, they play a game designed to probe deeper and improve comprehension of the lesson’s key concepts.

In the Blue Worship Response Stations room, the children are given options. In this free-choice time, children visit a variety of interactive centers designed to help them learn basic responses to God’s Love:


Helpful Information:
Because all children have different needs, Teachers will lovingly and prayerfully encourage them to follow these classroom rules.

All Souls Kids Law of Love

  1. Be Kind
  2. Be Safe
  3. Listen to your Teachers
Safeguarding our Children

Keeping every child physically, emotionally, and spiritually safe is to vital to our church family.
We have taken steps to protect a parent’s peace of mind so that everyone can engage in age-appropriate worship.

  • All of our volunteers have been through an application process that includes a criminal background check.
  • We require two adult workers be present with the children at all times.
  • Parents are encouraged to check on their children through viewing windows.
  • We maintain a low teacher-child ratio in all of our classes.
  • All classes promise an allergy-friendly environment. Teachers do not serve food to our children during class.

Healthy Kids Zone

To join the other children, every child must be 24-hours symptom-free of:
fever, diarrhea, runny nose with colored discharge, unexplained rashes or skin infection, pink eye or any eye infection, head lice.

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