Sunday Service: 10:00am


February 26, 2020

Experience Ash Wednesday pacing through our prayer labyrinth with meditative stations.
Clergy will be available from 6am to 8pm for imposition of ashes. 

*Complimentary Childcare is available from 6:30pm to 8pm for infant up to 2nd grade.
(Enter the Office Lobby to register children before entering the prayer labyrinth.)

We are bringing back the old art form of a prayer labyrinth. The labyrinth is simply a place to walk and pray with interactive stations portraying the journey to the cross, and culminating with imposition of ashes by clergy. As a guest, you can also walk in and receive ashes apart from the prayer labyrinth. ... [more]View Full Post

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For this Purpose
February 16, 2020 / William Reinmuth
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