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Guitar Workshop Students

Let's jam! Save this page for materials and updates for both beginner and intermediate tracks!

Both courses are essentially audit courses, so you can jump back and forth to your heart's content.


Here's a heads up on the schedule and syllabus for the beginner track. We'll cover the basics and you can move through the course at your own pace. Learning guitar is a great skill to pick up--enjoy the process!

Week 1: The Strings
Week 2: Major Scale Composition
Week 3: 145 Intro
Week 4: 7th Chords
Week 5: F Chord
Week 6: Suspended 4th Chords
Week 7: Meter and Strumming
Week 8: Intro to Finger Style
Week 9: Bb Chord and A Shape Bar Chords
Week 10: Relative (6th) Minor

PDF iconbeginner_syllabus.pdf
PDF iconbeginner_theory.pdf
PDF iconbeginner_songs.pdf



Fill out this form and help us know the skill level your comfortable in. The Intermediate Track will be student-driven. 

Our first 2 classes will review all that's covered in the Beginner Track and we'll assess student's skill levels for class planning. 

Remaining classes will cover the following:

  • The significance of the bass note in playing the chord (whether the bass note is the root, 3rd, 5th, or other) (related songs:  Rocky Raccoon, Mr. Bojangles)
  • Changing from a major chord to a suspended 4 or 2-no-3 chord (related songs:  intro to Here Comes the Sun, intro to Eve of Destruction)
  • Hammering and pulloffs (related song:  intro to I Am A Rock)
  • Expanding use of barre chords (playing a song using open chords, then converting to using barre chords) (related songs:  House of the Rising Sun, Against The Wind, She's A Woman)
  • Chords and chord progressions using open strings (related songs:  Melissa, All Things Must Pass)
  • Playing the blues:  Typical and atypical blues chords, blues strumming and picking, blues riffs, etc. (related songs:  various I-IV-V songs; may include Route 66 or Stormy Monday)
  • Advanced finger-picking techniques
  • The most iconic guitar riffs (related songs:  Blackbird, Daytripper, Layla, intro to Stairway to Heaven, and many more!)
  • Intro to playing jazz:  Theory and Practice
Intermediate Pre-class Homework:
  • Listen to, and review the chord charts for, Free Falling (Tom Petty), Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen) and Something (Beatles).  See if you can play them confidently.  If not, no problem.  We'll go through them together.
  • Fill out the student survey!  : )

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