Connect Groups

Connect Groups bring people together to make life-changing relationships relevant and accessible. They’re intended to be an option that allow meaningful friendships to grow.

In short, Community Groups are about  finding friends to laugh, grow and serve with!

We're so excited to be building community with you, and as we do, we’re also building out a FAQ to answer all the questions we can and help you catch the vision! Don’t see the answer to a question you have yet? No worries—please let us know so we can work on finding an answer for you and adding it to the FAQ..



Connect Group FAQ

What is a Connect Group?

A Connect Group can best be described as two-three households (families/friends) agreeing to check-in with each other after the service on Sunday or during the week to catch up personally, talk about the sermon and pray for each other. Adding fun to the mix is always a great idea!

Here's an example:
John Prioli and Kevin Soto have both been part of the same disciple group for the past two years, so they decide to team up to form a Connect Group with their families. While praying about a third family to invite, Kevin remembers that he hasn't seen Ben Taggart in a very long time. John and Kevin agree to reach out and invite Ben to be a part of their Connect Group. All three households are comfortable meeting together outside, so they decide to rotate hosting in their backyards each Sunday during the worship service, bringing a picnic lunch so they can hang out afterward. 


Why are Connect Groups kept small?

Groups can grow quickly, and while that appeals to our social side, we want to keep the intimacy of a small-group setting and opportunity to be vulnerably honest in sharing joys, struggles and how we’re growing closer to God. As we enjoy the benefits of time together, we also want to consider another family or friend who might also benefit from participating and invite them to join. When groups reach up to four households (families/friends), they’re encouraged to split up into two smaller groups with the same intention of cultivating meaningful friendships and inviting another family or friend. 


How long are we doing Connect Groups?

We are going to give Connect Groups a try during the Ezra Series, from October through December. If we discover Connect Groups are an enjoyable experience, we can all agree to extend them for another season. We're willing to be flexible and tweak where necessary or try new things.


Getting Started

Think of one other household (family or friend) who you’d like to ask to check-in with during this series. It could be someone from your disciple group, a family or friend you already know at All Souls, neighbors, relatives or a coworker. Invite them to watch the sermon either together or independently, and set a time after the service on Sunday or during the week to check in on how the week is going and what points of the message may have stood out personally. Eventually, consider another who you might include and invite to the group.


Are resources provided?

Once you partner with another family or friend, join our private Facebook Group for Connect Group startups! We’ll use this space to provide practical updates and links to weekly messages, encourage one another, share stories, and more! As you take the initiative to start a Connect Group, this is the place where you get connected to the other hosts and have an opportunity to learn from and support each other! Sermon discussion questions will be provided on a weekly basis to help get the conversation going. We’ll also provide a list of other people who might also be interested in a Connect Group, if given a warm invite. 


What if I need to stop hosting?

We understand that seasons change. If you need to make a change or stop hosting a group, please touch base with Pastor Charlie so he can guide you and your group through the transition. Our prayer is that amazing leaders will multiply, and there will be someone who’s been learning and growing who’s ready to help lead in this new season. 


I’m willing to join or host a Connect Group
but am not sure who to partner with.

If you’re willing to host or join a Connect Group, but don’t have anyone in mind, please share your interest--we just might know the perfect person or family to partner you with. 


I'm ready for the next step... now, what?

Contact our Discipleship Director, Pastor Charlie Blanck, for next steps: