Sunday Service: 10:00am

Young Adults

To learn from Christ and to engage his claims, to pray, to serve, to experience life together in connection with the giver of life.


Young adulthood is an exciting and transitional time in life for many. It is a time when matters of identity and purpose, meaning and direction are being thought through and worked out.

Our young adults are an integral part of our mission and life together. As they seek to follow Jesus and share his life and peace with one another and those around them, they are showing us the way in terms of service and self-giving. At the same time, there are others among our young adults who come with questions. They do not yet believe, even as they already belong.

The vital place of our young adults at All Souls is consistent with our conviction that we are one family, one body, one church, across all lines, including generational.

Young Adults/Transitions have their own Life Group, which meets every Wednesday at 7pm.

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September 16, 2018 / William Reinmuth
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