Soul Youth

This is a unique stage of life, when youth are forming their identities, and making faith their own.

Our teens are an integral part of our life as a church on the whole. We don’t see adolescence as a stage of life when teens are separated from our larger family to simply do wacky teenage stuff. We see them as maturing young men and women, who have much to contribute.

All Souls teens are led, taught and cared for by our youth leaders, who love them. At the same time we don’t view the responsibility of loving and discipling our teens as their responsibility, but that of our community on the whole, especially their parents. And so, we also see caring for and discipling parents as a vital aspect of youth ministry.

If you would like to learn more specifics about what we do at Soul Youth, or have a son or daughter that you'd like to connect, send an email and our leaders would be glad to reach out.

Meeting Times

Our youth get together every Sunday during Service to provide the opportunity to grow in their knowledge of Christ, bond with one another, and have fun doing it.

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March 15, 2020 / William Reinmuth
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