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Life Groups

Life Groups are the place to connect in real relationships and experience life together.

Know and Be Known

In our Life Groups, we seek to know Jesus and to share his gospel peace with one another, while being open to welcome those new to All Souls and in our community. Our Life Groups are a place to know and be known, and care and be cared for. A challenge we all face is that we are all stretched in terms of our time and responsibilities. We are tired. Sometimes for good and valid reasons; sometimes because we are restless – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Regardless, we believe that God has called us to live and serve together, not as an escape from our lives, but within the context of the life and responsibilities he has, in his abounding love and mercy, given to us. This is the privilege we enjoy in our Life Groups.

For more information, click the Find a Group button below. We can tell you more about how Life Groups work, what to expect, and offer suggestions on a Life Group that would be a good fit.

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