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Disciple Cells

Whether you are long time Christian, a new Christian, someone who’s exploring Christianity or even someone who’s skeptical, the call of Jesus is the same: “Follow me.”

Living Out Our Calling

A follower of Jesus is a disciple - one who trusts him, learns from him, does what he says and lives as he lives. A disciple follows Jesus wherever he leads, knowing the path is one of suffering to glory, death to resurrection. 

One of the places where we’ve been living out this calling to follow Jesus is within our Disciple Cells. A Disciple Cell is a small group of about four men or four women who commit to Scripture, prayer and mutual encouragement, including a weekly meeting.  What we’ve found since initiating Disciple Cells is when we gather in such a fashion around God, he meets us.

We are regularly forming new groups, so if you would like to join a Disciple Cell, please click the button below and we will help coordinate a good fit.

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