Bundles of Love


There have been many changes in the world around us due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Vicky Slavik, a long time attendee at All Souls, has family, friends and mission-minded contacts in several parts of Colombia. In similar efforts to flatten the curve, they are in quarantine. "These families are day workers," Vicky says. "They have to work every day to put food on the table--selling food or products outside, coffee pickers, housekeepers. They struggled to make ends meet before this pandemic, but now are literally hungry."

Government assistance is first distributed to those way below the poverty line and insufficient to meet the insurmountable needs. Vicky laments, "I was feeling so useless and guilty because I have a surplus of food, a back yard, and my husband still has his job."

Sensing anguish and despair in the voices of those far away, Vicky sought to uplift their spirits and sent funds to one of her contacts to assemble and distribute packages of basic food items she calls, 'Bundles of Love.' The note attached reads: 'This Bundle of Love is sent to you by God, so that you know that God is great, that He loves you and is always with you. This will soon pass.'

Blessing a handful of families evolved as more people became involved and, as of today, over $3000.00 of food packages have been assembled and delivered to families in need, in Colombia. 

*Vicky has partnered with our Missions Coordinator and they are working in tandem with Dr. Suarez, Coach Chica, and friends and family in Colombia. 

"For me, this was important," Vicky recalls. "I was feeling not only scared, but also useless. Since I am high-risk, because of asthma and chronic bronchitis, I can't go out and volunteer, and that was killing me...

Bringing hope and the Love of God to others is just amazing. What you get back is priceless. I just want to encourage others to look around and help others in need."

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This is what the Church looks like--a source of peace, hope and stability in uncertain times. It’s possible because of your hearts to serve and your generosity.

The Church isn’t canceled.

God’s love isn’t canceled.

Serving isn’t canceled.

And you’re proving that right now, All Souls Community. Even in this strange and scary time, you’re being the hands and feet of Jesus to a worried world.

Find the silver lining. Keep caring for one another and showing the hope of Christ to all. It will get better. We’ll get through this together.
$25 provides a week's worth of groceries for a family.
(That's less than ordering takeout for our family, for one night.)
*Select BUNDLES OF LOVE in the giving dropdown menu. 
For updates on families receiving food, follow the FACEBOOK PAGE.