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Our need for connection, community and support is crucial during this time of isolation and social distancing. God didn't create us to do life alone--especially during difficult times. 

We invite you to join a virtual community, composed of a small group of people who meet weekly and involve biblical support, encouragement and prayer. 

*High School, Middle School and Kid's groups are available with parent/guardian permission for participation. 


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As a church, we are working to respond to those in need. If you need assistance during this time, or if you'd like someone to pray for you, we're here to offer support


COVID-19 Community Resource Guide listing services including Food Pantries/Feeding Programs, Testing Locations, Childcare, Employment Resources, Utilities, etc. Contact information and times services are provided are listed.


Sunday Morning Messages and Worship Playlists will be available on our Youtube Channel. ASKids devotionals, done by our Children's Director, are available, too! 


We're publishing encouraging videos, devotionals, and updates to help keep us connected during this season! You can find all our content on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.

Tune in on Sunday for our Online Service! 

Join Help Efforts

This crisis is a an opportunity for us to share God's love with people in need. 

As a church, we are taking aggressive measures to focus on the priorities of pastoral and crisis care for our people and community in this season.

Please consider how you can volunteer, donate or pray during this time, and continue to support the church in her efforts to help those in need. 

Your generosity makes an impact on our community. 

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As followers of Christ, we're not called to panic or hide in fear. We're commissioned to serve people, especially the vulnerable--with wisdom, and following procedures to ensure safety. Volunteers are needed for these important roles:

Food and supplies are sorted at the food pantry to prepare for delivery and distribution.

Drivers are needed to deliver food to families in the community. 
Please click on the Food Pantry List linked below to locate and participate with a food pantry in your community. 

Click here for FOOD PANTRY LIST

If you have questions or would like more information on how to get involved, please contact