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Ministry Leaders

Who are the people to talk to in order to find out more information about a particular ministry? Here at All Souls, we call our ministry leaders sheepdogs.

Sound weird?

It is a little, but it’s on purpose. You see, the last thing we want to do is take ourselves too seriously and start believing that somehow this church and the good things we are able to do together, are somehow the result of our own best efforts as leaders, rather than on God’s grace. So, to call ourselves sheepdogs is both an affirmation that God does call some to help lead, while at the same time it is an affirmation that there really is only one Shepherd, and His name is Jesus. And so, our sheepdogs are those who are simply trying to “bark” in His direction, trusting that He will do the rest.

So, who are our sheepdogs?

A/V Team
Jacob Ling
Building Team
John Shepitka
Children’s Ministry
Tracy Walker
Christian Service Brigade
Community Outreach Team
Elizabeth Stevens
Finance Team
Joan Cox
Global Missions Team
Judy Heim
Mercy Team
Katie Berry
Pioneer Girls
Geraldine Jue
Prayer Ministry
Stephanie Huang
Soul Youth
Rana Park
Sunday Operations
Lin Tyndall
Welcome Team
Jacob Ling
Women's Ministry
Jenny Whitlatch
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