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Will Reinmuth
Will Reinmuth

Afraid to failDefender of selfIn over my headExhaustedFailure.

Those would be the only words to describe me, and this ridiculous adventure called church planting, if not for the very real, very powerful grace of God in the Person of Jesus Christ.

Like many in Rockland, I grew up believing the idea of God, but I had no idea what a personal relationship with Jesus Christ was all about. It was not until God softened my heart through suffering, that I finally began to understand how the real Jesus changes everything!

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Tracy Walker
Tracy Walker
Children’s Ministry Director

I am a certified elementary school teacher and veteran mom to three amazing boys who are fast becoming young men.  My husband Doug and I have spent our Family Years as part of the ministry community at Nyack College.  Because I believe God’s design is for faith to grow in a family setting, my mission as Director of Children’s Ministries is to support and encourage an intentional, invested faith-walk for parents, and to equip parents, together with the church, to guide their children toward a faithful understanding of their true purpose and place in God’s family.

Charlie Blanck
Discipleship Director

 I have been blessed to serve Jesus Christ, pastoring in churches throughout Indiana, Illinois and New York. I have ministered for 41 years as a lead pastor, church planter, family-life pastor and chaplain for the New York Rangers... If you really want the short version, you can just say, “he and his family love and serve Jesus.”

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Katie Berry
Mercy Coordinator

After a long and satisfying career as a social worker, I find myself being led to continue using my desire to help others in a new way.  And so, I have accepted the position of Mercy Coordinator at All Souls Church!  In this role, I hope to come to understand how the church can more deeply intersect with the needs of the church body and outlying community, and to help the church leaders develop plans that are effective in reaching more and more people in need.

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Rana Park
Worship Director

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA which explains my love for the Dodgers, In-n-Out burgers and street tacos.  I went to church as a child mostly because of my grandmother.  I loved it.  I have fond memories of crawling under the sanctuary pews while my grandmother prayed.  It wasn't until I was 13-years-old that I began a real, intimate relationship with Jesus and it began with asking too many questions during a Bible study and getting kicked out.  The search began to have a faith that was my own, not one that I had to accept without questions.

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Rachel Misselbeck
Office Manager

Hello, I’m Rachel. I have extensive experience in communications, design and project-based management but most people know me for wearing my heart on my sleeve and marching to the beat of my own eclectic drum. My favorite company are those who don’t attempt to appear all put together in their flawed humanity. I’m unabashedly in their camp.

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